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Vixen Indigo Medium High Waist Skinny

Size Guide

Introducing the new women's Vixen fit. We designed and pattern this fit from the ground up using denim from Isko Mills denim. The concept of the fit was to make a fit with a perfect high waste top block having the performance of not having any rear gapping issues and enough room for thighs. It could be dressed up, dressed down, stacked, cropped, cuffed, or flush. The fabric we chose was 11 ounce deep indigo stretch from Isko Mills that will age beautifully. We opt to use a long 6 inch zipper to make putting on and taking off the jeans easy. Ready to wear and requires no break in time.

Fitment: The Vixen fits highwaist, near or covering the navel. Smooth front waistband body block with a snug form fitting buttocks. Snug upper thigh near crotch that tapers down to a narrow knee and finished off with a skinny calf and bottom opening. See size chart tab below for full spec sheet.

Sizing: Size these jeans to your normally bought jean size. No need to size up or down. (Fit model is 5 foot 1 inch and 122 pounds, and is wearing a size 26.)

  • 11 ounce light/medium weight, dark indigo stretch non-selvedge Isko Mills denim
  • Double waistband construction to reduce waistband over-stretch
  • Tucked waistband stitching to minimize the chances of unraveling
  • Railcar branded, made in USA, hardware and traditional washer burr riveting
  • Waistband gapping is not an issue with new fit geometry as proven in our development and testing procedures.

- Free chain stitch hem to your length. See link for details. 

Always made in-house on a collection of specialized and highly tuned denim equipment for the highest quality.  Made in the Railcar workshop in El Monte, California.


PLEASE NOTE: Most sizes are cut and sewn when ordered. Please allow extra time for production.