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We recommend using Railcar Denim Care products. Our products are designed and formulated to specifically be used on denim. 
Railcar Denim Refresher Spray can be used between washes. It can extend the time periods between a water soak or wash. Just easily spray a thin layer of the formula evenly on your garment and let dry.
Railcar Denim Detergent can be used two ways. Your first option is a soak and the second option is a gentle machine wash. What ever option you choose, lay or hang to air dry.
SOAK OPTION: Fill your sink or bath tube enough to submerge garment. Use about a table spoon of Railcar Denim Detergent and agitate water with your hand to mix. Soak your garment for 30 minutes inside out. Rinse with fresh water and dry flat on towel. 
MACHINE WASH OPTION: Use about 2 table spoons of Railcar Denim Detergent in washing machine and set on gentle cycle. Place jean in machine inside out. Remove from machine immanently when finish and brush garment flat with your hand. Lay flat on towel to dry.