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Leg Tapering Service


With COVID-19 being now apart of our lives, jeans MUST be freshly washed before you send them to us. We will not work on dirty jeans. No exceptions. If jeans arrive and are deemed dirty, they'll be shipped back without service performed and a refund will be issued minus the return shipping cost. ("Washed" means, you washed them before you packed them without wearing them again.)

Our tapering service allows you to get a custom fit on your favorite pair of jeans. We'll taper all brands. We can work on canvas, chinos, and denim. (No dress pants or slacks)

All of the work is done from the inseam so the selvedge is untouched and left in its original state. This service comes with a chain stitch hem to your desired length for free. We have over 10 years of experience doing leg tapers with a collection of vintage machines to get the job done correctly.  Heavier weight fabrics will require an extra charge due to the extra labor required and the extra risk of damage to our vintage machines.  We can taper jeans up to a maximum of 25 ounces.  Double Panel jeans may require additional charges.

See link to see how we measure.

One of the things that separates our service from the rest is the inseam stitch. We replace the inseam stitch with one continuous stitch so that there's no broken or "tacked" inseam stitch like the other guys. The inseam is clean and flawless.

If you already own a pair of jeans that you like the fit of, you can choose our "Reference Option" and send in your jeans with your reference pair. Please note which jean pant is the reference pair to reduce risk of confusion.

Railcar Denim Services are tax free and have a 4-6 week turnaround from the day we receive them in our shop. Please refrain from contacting us for status updates if it's within the 4-6 week turnaround time as we are busy trying to get your jeans back to you as fast as possible. Rush service puts your pair on the top of the line for faster service.

Jeans will get tapered evenly from front to back. If there is torqueing it will be the same ratio as when it comes in after tapering. We don't fix the original manufactures' leg torqueing. Our threshold tolerance is +- .25 inch. Please allow for tolerance.

If you want us to fix a previous tailor's job, please contact us at to set that up. 

Return shipping will be charged at checkout.  You will not receive any shipping information sent to you after your order is placed.

Send your jeans to: Railcar 10636 Main St, El Monte, CA 91731