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Down Sizing Service


In the cart, please select 'Add a note to your order" and indicate etiher a 1 inch, 1.5 inch, or 2 inch downsize.

Did your jeans stretch out more then expected? Loose some weight? We can down size your waistband up to 2 full sizes. Instead of using a "dart" them to make them smaller, we take apart the upper half of the jean completely, removing the belt loops, leather, and waistbands down to the side seams and repattern the upper block, sizing it down. We then reconstruct all the original parts back on to it's original state before sending them back to you downsized. 

Note: We will replace the fly button with a Railcar button because we can't reuse the original when it gets cut off for the downsize. This service requires a 4-6 week turnaround time for the date we receive it at our shop.

Send your jeans to: Railcar 10636 Main St, El Monte, CA 917311