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Rebels Black Canvas

Size Guide

Due to the characteristics of this fabric we recommend sizing up 2 sizes if you regularly wear sizes 28-35 and sizing up 1 size if you regularly wear size 36 and up.  

Railcar Rebel modern straight leg 4 pocket American black canvas pants. Durable American milled 12 ounce canvas material that was cut and sewn in-house for the highest quality into the signature Railcar Rebel fit. The Rebel fit has a enough room in the thigh that goes down to a loose knee that shoots straight down to the bottom opening. See the spec chart below for specs and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

  • American 12 ounce black canvas
  • Double waistband construction to reduce waistband over stretch.
  • Railcar branded, made in USA, hardware.
  • Free complementary chain stitch hem to your length. See link for details. 
  • Made in-house in our own workshop for the highest quality in El Monte, California on a collection of highly tuned specialized denim equipment.

How We Make Them Inexpensive:

By only producing what is sold, we are able to keep the cost low and pass the savings along to you. Unlike other brands, we don't manufacture unsold items, which means you are not covering the cost of excess inventory. We are dedicated to only making what will be worn, allowing us to offer these handcrafted at an affordable price. Please do allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.