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Introducing the new Railcar Fine Goods Chore Coat. Made with our existing classic and proven patterns, now in a 17 ounce British waxed canvas. The color is a dark brown that lightens up in all the right places when breaking in. With just a little bit of wearing you'll achieve whiskering in the areas of movement and marbling textures throughout. These coats are made very well. Made in-house for the highest quality. The process from beginning to end is under one roof at our Monrovia headquarters. We don't use downtown subcontractors to make our garments. We feel that lots of stitch quality, accuracy and details are lost being made remotely without our constant and daily supervision. 

For this model, we opt for a 17 ounce British waxed canvas. Being 17 ounces sounds heavy, yet the coat are very wearable. Our in-house sewing is top notch and can hold this fabric together with ease. All of our machines are tuned and adjusted to work on this design of coat to the highest quality, unlike subcontracted third party outsourcing factories that have random machines that are not set up for a specific garment and are generic to sew anything. Having machines and equipment designed to construct a particular item, such as our chore coat, is more accurate and faster. This is how we could make handmade garment with amazing fabrics priced so reasonably.


Break In:

Breaking in a wax coat is very interesting. There are many ways to do it and lots of literature to read online. We make our wax coat unlined for  year round wear. We felt that having it lined will be too heavy and could only be worn in the dead winter. We recommend breaking in the coat using an old long sleeve flannel or cotton long sleeve that could be washed often. The wax in the interior will blot off on to your long sleeve and eventually dry it out. After a few weeks of this, the interior will be broken in and is ready to wear normally. You would want to avoid leaning, sitting on and at areas you won't want the wax to transfer to in tell the wax has fully dried.


We recommend sizing the jacket to your normally sized bought jacket size from other brands. The sizing is pretty true snug and down sizing for a fitted fitment is not necessary. If you're between sizes, then size up.


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