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We make all the Railcar Eliminator shirts in-house. Here are a few pictures of them being manufactured here in our shop in El Monte.

All of our garments are cut downstairs and them brought upstairs to sew.

We have a small crew that makes it all happen. All the details are all carefully crafted by seamstress with many years of experience.

The fabric is a "rip stop". You can see the internal threads in a square pattern that stops the fabric from ripping if it would tear. This style of weave is called rip stop.

The buttons are installed using a vintage lock stitch button installer. These machines are not used in commonly used mass factories. Lock stitch verses the commonly used chain stitch, are much better. It reduces the chances of the button getting unraveled. 

Details like an over sized side seam gussets and run off chain stitches are subtle but stand out and pop.

For sizing, purchase your normally bought shirt size. Railcar sizing is true and should fit fitted in your normally bought size you purchase in other brands.

You can purchase this shirt here.