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New for Fall 2018. A perfect pair for year round wear at 13.6 ounce. This is a proprietary Railcar denim that took us a year to get right where we want it. We wanted to offer a Railcar core style in a mid weight with all the hints of detail we all love. Subtle hits of slub, cross hatch, and nep fill the roll of fabric while not overpowering the indigo. We requested no red cast or purple tones from the mill as we wanted the X042 to be dark, almost black, indigo in it's new state. Texture is very crispy new. Especially for being a mid weight 13.6 ounce. I had the opportunity to do an initial soak on a pair and after soak the denim was even more crispier. They should honey comb and whisker nicely.

Steven is wearing a size 30 here, he is also wearing Red Wing Men's Chukkas. We still have some sizes left, check them out! They are a good boot if you are used to wearing sneakers and are trying to transition a bit.