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Limited Japanese 13 Ounce Dual Color Selvedge Fit Of Your Choice


Limited to about 20 something pairs being made! Recently, we came across this roll of dark indigo Japanese selvedge and we had to have it. In 17 years of jeans making we only came across this one other time. A selvedge denim that has one color on one side of the roll and another color on the other side. We took the rolls back to our workshop and measured it to weight at 13 ounce. The fabric is a tight weave so it has a rigid firm feel while being medium weight. For the production, the way we are going to set and orientate the design is that we will make the selvedge have both colors on the outseam as shown in the picture. Very unique indeed. This will be a small batch and limited run so order asap as we will anticipate these to sell out fast.

As the fabric is so minimal we are making these made when order in the fit of your choice to conserve the limited amount of selvedge fabric.

Fit Options:

  1. The Railcar Spikes slim taper fit that has a slim taper that's not too skinny throughout the whole leg profile.
  2. The Railcar Rebel straight leg fit that has a little more room at the thigh and goes straight down from the knee down (As shown).
  3. The Railcar Goldline is a wider leg with heritage inspired details.
  4. The Railcar 732 fit. Room in the body and thigh with a hard taper to the bottom opening. 7 inch bottom opening and a 32 inch length.  This fit is available for sizes 34 and up.

(Disregard the "Size Guide" icon on this page as you are choosing your fit of choice.) 

  • Dark indigo Japanese dual color 13 ounce selvedge denim fabric.
  • 100% cottom
  • Double waistband construction to reduce waistband over-stretch
  • Tucked waistband stitching to minimize the chances of unraveling
  • Railcar branded, made in USA, hardware and traditional washer burr riveting
  • In-house made and embossed, vegetable tanned leather patch
  • Free chain stitch hem to your length. See link for details. 

Always made in-house on a collection of specialized and highly tuned denim equipment for the highest quality.  Made in the Railcar workshop in El Monte, California.