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Eliminator Sashiko Indigo

Size Guide

Priced to sell! The Eliminator Sashiko is now available for purchase. This meticulously crafted silhouette is made from a highly sought-after fabric. This shirt is 12 ounces and features side gussets with flat felled chain stitches created by the rare Union Special 35700 machine, along with acorn-shaped pockets and flaps. 12 ounces makes it a heavy shirt or can be worn as a nice breathable outer shell in the hotter months. For the best fit, we suggest buying your usual shirt size instead of sizing down. If you find yourself in-between sizes, it's better to size up.

Order with confidence! If you need to exchange or even return the shirt, you could do so following our normal return policy.

How We Make Them Inexpensive:
By only producing what is sold, we are able to keep the cost low and pass the savings along to you. Unlike other brands, we don't manufacture unsold items, which means you are not covering the cost of excess inventory. We are dedicated to only making what will be worn, allowing us to offer these handcrafted at an affordable price. Please do allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Sizing And Shrinkage Info:
This garment is sold raw and will bleed a lot when new.  We recommend a rinse before regular wear in order to reduce the bleeding effect.  We recommend sizing up as the garment will shrink proportionally 1 size after rinsing.  The breaking in period will also reduce the amount of bleeding you will experience from the garment. 

Garment Care:
Just like all raw denim, you will have crocking and indigo bleed that will lesson over time. With a hot water wash, you will experience some shrinkage. With a machine dry, you will get even more shrinkage. For this sashiko we recommend a cold water soak and flat dry to reduce fabric bleeding. This will reduce a lot of the sashiko indigo bleeding that may transfer onto other surfaces and garments. Wearing it unwashed, you may experience indigo bleed. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us.

Payment Options:
You can also take advantage of easy interest-free installment payments with Shop Pay and PayPal as a payment option, with free domestic US shipping.

  • 12 Ounce sashiko cotton.
  • Oversized sashiko side seam gussets.
  • Deadstock organic cat eye buttons
  • Flat felled chain stitch run-off side seams.
  • Unique Acorn shaped pockets and pocket flaps.
  • Lock stitch button holes applied with our vintage Singer button hole machine.
  • Minimal branded with R tab labeling.