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Black and gold. The ultimate in style, class, and luxury will leave you as none other than the ultimate citizen. It's named after it's ability to bestow greatness on those lucky enough to have one.

The epitome of shaving is the classic straight razor. Despite its simplistic style, the straight razor's one blade is sharper than the finest of swords out there. The ability and skill to use one is akin to nothing short of godlike.

Shaving with one of these straight razors requires skill, and learning is part of the process. The most notable aspect of this type of blade is its longevity. With the proper care, these can be passed down through the generations.

Learning how to shave with a straight razor takes time, but once you have learned it you can enjoy the blissful zen-like state men achieve while shaving with skill and a straight razor.

Luxury, danger, and legacy bundled into ablade. That is the only way a true gentleman shaves.