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What is raw denim?

Raw denim is..........................................................................................




What weight should I get?

Everyone has a different preference when choosing a raw denim weight. Some indeviduals like them light and some like them heavy. Heavy doesn't always mean it's better. They are very good heavy denim as well as good light weight denims.

Light 9 ounce and less: We consider anything under 9 ounce extra light weight. These fabrics are extremely light. These fabrics do fade and age well but are less durable due to it's thickness. Suitable for hotter months.

Medium 10-13 ounce: A good year round fabric would be in the 10-13 ounce range. This weight category is what you would find most jeans to fall in. Great balance of weight and strength. 

Heavy 14-17 ounce: When you're in the 14-17 ounce weight category you'll fell a substantial difference in weight. These denims will feel heavier and look heavier. They will be more durable along with keeping your body warmer.

Extra heavy 18 ounce and more: These would be considered extra heavy denim. Only a few mills in the world makes denim this heavy. 


How do I wash them?

They're many ways to care for your raw denim. If you ask 10 different people they'll tell you 10 different things. This is actually one of the things that makes raw denim so fun. The same denim could have different results because of the difference in wearer and the way it was cared.

Washing: We recommend not washing your jeans often but wash them when they get dirty. Natural oils from your body can eat away at the cotton yarns and cause premature failure. Go as long as you can without washing but when it's time, wash your raw denim. For normal wearing practicces 25 to 30 wearing days is about the time you should wash your jeans. If you are more active in you jeans, you may need to wash them sooner.

We recommend using Railcar Denim Detergent when you need to wash them.

 Caring: Keep your raw denim smelling fresh. Life could literally throw things your way. We recommend Railcar Denim Spray to deodorize your raw denim. This will help prolong periods of time between washes.


In Conclusion

Remember to have fun and enjoy the journey of the evolution of your raw denim. If you get a stain, enjoy it. If a wash result didn't turn out the way you planned, continue wearing it and see how they evolve next. Let your life dictate how they will age. Life isn't perfect and so isn't your fades.