Rebels X005 12oz American
Rebels X005 12oz American
Rebels X005 12oz American
Rebels X005 12oz American
Rebels X005 12oz American
Rebels X005 12oz American

Rebels X005 12oz American

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One of the Railcar original fabrics used. While searching through warehouses and warehouses for denim, we came across a roll of Cone Mills 12 ounce blue line selvedge. The denim is a solid dark indigo. As you may know, Cone Mills used vintage denim looms to make their selvedge. With such old looms they would make denim that wasn't always so perfect. But, that was the beauty of it! They call these irregular productions, "second quality". To us denim heads, that just makes the roll unique and even better. We went a head and ran a production of this beautiful second quality Cone Mills in the Rebels straight leg fit. Each piece will be unique to its own. You'll find natural defects on the fabric from the vintage Draper loom the fabric was made on. 

We understand that some of you may be hesitant to try on one of these out. So! We are offering a huge online exclusive sale on them! Priced to sell! While fabric supplies last.

  • American Cone Mills 12 ounce light weight, classic indigo warp, white weft, blue line selvedge denim.
  • Shell edge interior edge stitching detail.
  • Double waistband construction to reduce waistband over stretch.
  • Railcar branded, made in USA, hardware and traditional washer burr riveting.
  • Vegetable tanned hand embossed branded leather patch. (Email for vegan option)
  • Free complementary chain stitch hem to your length. See link for details. 
  • Made in-house in our own workshop for the highest quality in El Monte, California on a collection of highly tuned specialized denim equipment.

Please refer to the "How We Measure" page for our method of measuring.

Size WB Front Rise Back Rise Thigh Knee Bottom Opening Inseam
30 16.25 10.5 14.25 11.75 8.5 8.25 33.5
31 16.75 10.5 14.25 12 8.75 8.5 33.5
32 17.25 11 14.5 12.25 8.75 8.5 34
33 17.5 11 15 12.5 9 8.75 34
34 18 11.5 15 12.75 9 8.75 34
35 18.75 12.25 16.5 13.25 9 8.75 34
36 19 12.75 16.75 13.5 10 9 34
38 19.75 13 17.25 13.5 10 9 34