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This is our first ultra-exclusive offering for 2021! Although we anticipate this to sell out quickly, any remaining product will be opened up to the general public on Thursday July 22nd. However, it's highly likely that the RE1 will be sold out before then. As the supply is extremely limited, if you are unsure of measurements or fitment, we strongly suggest placing your order immediately with your best guess, then emailing us with any questions and/or changes.

Railcar Exclusive 2021 (RE1) is an ultra rare, double-sided, extremely slubby, 12.4 ounce Japanese redline selvedge denim. This ultra rare exclusive is limited to a total of only 13 garments! One side of this redline Japanese selvedge denim is a brown with the other side being a blue.  With this offering you get to choose which type of Railcar garment you want made. Choose from a jean, a trouser, a shirt, any of our jacket silhouettes, or a chore coat - any of the Railcar garment offerings! You will also choose the side of the denim that you want to be the exposed outer surface color. This fabric is truly unique with some of the blue showing through the brown side and some of the brown showing through to the blue side. Without question the denim fading will be something special. 

Whichever garment you choose, it will be ultra exclusive, with a great possibility that it will be one of a kind as each customer gets to choose which type of garment they want made from this ultra rare fabric. 

Please note that although this is a double-sided selvedge denim, the garment you choose will not be a reversible garment. 

  • Before ordering please read the entire product description carefully.
  • All sales are final as each order is considered custom. There are no exceptions. 
  • As soon as all preorder slots have been reserved, we will email you with specifics on when the production of your ultra exclusive garment will begin.
  • We expect delivery no later than October 2021.
  • Please ask if you have any questions.

Fabric details:

  • 12.4 ounce weight
  • Japanese redline selvedge
  • Doubled-sided
  • Made in-house in our own workshop for the highest quality in El Monte, California on a collection of highly tuned specialized denim equipment.