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Redwood Grain

The cartridge razor is your standard everyday razor. You were probably raised using this or something very similar.

While this may look familiar, the Redwood Reliable by BeShaven is anything but ordinary. This is not your dollar store razor. The  wooden handle speaks to a higher level of style and accent. For those who like a mix of modern and traditional you can’t go wrong with this razor.

This is complimented, of course, by our beautiful stand, with its heavy metal base. Proudly made in the USA, this minimalist stainless steel round stand commands a presence as it serves to display your razor and keep everything neatly in it's place. 

Close your eyes, breath in the wood scent, and imagine yourself shaving in the woods before you take on the local wildlife. This experience of shaving is for those who want the feel of the outdoors within the comfort of home.

(Please note this is not made from Redwood trees)