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The best safety razors are as solid and consistent as your work ethic and spirit; consider the Limited Edition Bethlehem Olivewood Safety Razor if you want a shaving tool that reflects your commitment to a great shave each morning.

The material that comprises a shaving instrument often imparts some of its attributes onto the final tool. Nowhere is this truer than with the Limited Edition Bethlehem Olivewood Safety Razor. Handcrafted with Bethlehem Olivewood, this razor is imbued with the heavy balance and strength of one of the hardest solid woods on the planet. More than that, olivewood trees, with their distinct wavy patterns and gentle tan coloring, are traditional symbols of vitality and peace: both important aspects for a man's inner journey as he awakens and proceeds to take on the day. It’s no stretch to say that this razor is more than just a shaving instrument: it’s a reflection of the values that you bring not only to your shaving routine but to your workplace and relationships. The man who uses the safety razor is committed to an excellent shave and prefers peace and health over flashy exuberance and showing off. The razor’s handle is exceptionally well-balanced and ergonomic, and you can feel the solidity and steadiness of the wood each time you take it up to shave. Do yourself a favor and don’t settle; choose a safety razor that is reflective of your own quiet, inner strength.

  • Handcrafted with genuine olivewood, a very hard and dense wood
  • Distinct wavy patterns are unique to each razor sold, so no to look like
  • Includes a free pack of safety razor blades
  • Balanced handle and sharp blades ensure quality performance each time you use it

Handcrafted in the USA

Limited edition