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The Avenger silvertip badger brush is meant only for those who value luxury, refinement, and a little bit of danger. The Avenger is the indisputable leader - the best shaving brush possible.

Badgers are known for being fearless, clean, and generally awesome. They take on all comers, portrayed in games as a fierce fighter. In real life, they are no different. Trust us, we have the scars to prove it. 

Yes, in our search for the best hair for our brushes we checked and tested all kinds of animals and furs from random spots on their bodies. It was not as pleasant as you might imagine. Then after dealing with the various creatures we had to test lathering up and shaving. That wasn’t pretty.

Finally we found it though, the best hair possible. Silvertip badger hair. That isn’t a type of badger; it refers to a very small area (roughly 15%) of the badger’s body.The silvertip hair retains water and heat due to its superior insulation. This retention helps create the perfect lather, leading you to have the perfect shave. 

Badgers are as fierce as they are fearless. So are you. Do right to your face.

Lather up with luxury and danger with either of our silvertip badger brushes. The wooden handle is truly for the elite gentleman who prefers the classic look with a modern feel. The feel and smell of wood is perfect for the classy man who enjoys the experience of their shaves over those who prefer the luxury-only approach.