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Type 2 X088 13.75 Ounce Preshrunk Unsanforized Selvedge Jacket

Size Guide

The Railcar Type 2 X088 is a medium weight 13.75 ounce extreme texture preshrunk unsanforized pure natural dye orange and yellow line selvedge edge raw denim. Being that the denim fabric is unsanforized with naturally a good amount of shrinkage, we perform a one rinse before the cut and sew process to get out any shrinkage out of it.  This will take the shrinkage guess work out and help you size them to your normally bought jacket size while enjoying all the fabric character of rare unsanforized denim. Unsanforized denim has a ton of texture and drapes on your body easily after a soak making them virtually no break in to be conformable. Fit and finish is on point to exceed todays standards. The jackets are design and handmade manufactured in-house at the Railcar factory in El Monte, California when ordered for the highest quality and a must have in your garment rotation.

This jacket checks all the construction and fabric character marks and competes against garments makers from around the world. The Railcar Type 2 X088 will be handmade when ordered (MWO). Allow 3-4 weeks from when you purchase for your delivery.

  • Authentically in-house handmade.
  • Rare 13.75 ounce pure natural dye for high contrast fades and wears.
  • Preshrunk before cut and sew, unsanforized selvedge denim to take the guesswork out of sizing.
  • Extreme textured, cross hatch slubby, dark indigo orange and yellow selvedge denim.
  • Modern fitment. Size to your normally sized jacket size.
  • Hand welted pockets that are cut bias for a unique wear when faded.
  • Hand welted pockets are double tacked for added strength.
  • 2 huge selvedge edge interior pockets for added storage.
  • 2 piece flat felled sleeve construction.
  • Flat felled side seams for clean finish and strength.
  • Side waistband cinches.
  • Made in USA YKK buttons.
  • Vintage washer burr riveting detail.
  • Vintage open-bar keyhole detailing.