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Looking to impress? This is the perfect starter kit for any gentleman looking to get into luxury shaving. 

The Modern Luxury Gift Set includes the following:

The Night Beast Cartridge Razor
The Lethal Classic Silvertip Badger Hair Brush
Reinforced Ceramic Bowl
Skid Plate Steel Brush Stand
Round Razor Stand

 Reinforced Ceramic Bowl:

Don’t go for the fancy looking wood bowls. You need to skip those altogether. Our bowls are ceramic only. Ceramic is the best material for retaining heat, which means your lather stays warm and moist longer.

We have found the perfect combination of material, size, and sleek design. The shaving bowl will keep the heat of your lather for that soothing comfort. All of this will help bring about the luxurious shave you deserve.

Don’t settle for less, only get the best with one of our Reinforced Ceramic Bowls included in all of our shaving kits.

Skid Plate Steel Brush Stand and Round Razor Stand :

So where do you keep all your high end shaving product? The counter? Possibly stashed away in a drawer somewhere? You heathen.

You need a dedicated stand that both airs out the equipment and looks displays your dedication to the fine art of the luxury shave. No, I'm not talking about some flimsy plastic setup that topples over every time you reach for your brush. Or one that will snap in half after a month.  You need something strong.

So we created, not one, but two, stainless steel stands that holds all of your equipment nicely. One for your brush, and one for your razor to offer maximum storage flexibility. But this isn't your average metal bent and twisted. This is serious steel proudly manufactured in the USA. This is the same metal that you would find on a skid plate. 

That's right - the same protective barrier for the underside of vehicles and boats, the durable hardened metal used normally to protect huge machines of power... we use to hold our shaving equipment.

Overboard? Maybe. But what’s the point of having luxury if you can’t protect it and show it off with awesome stands like this?

The Night Beast Cartridge Razor

The cartridge razor (Mach 3 compatible) is your standard everyday razor. You were probably raised using this or something very similar.

While this may look familiar, the Night Beast by BeShaven is anything but ordinary. This is not your dollar store razor. The black wooden handle speaks to a higher level of style and accent. For those who like a mix of modern and traditional you can’t go wrong with this razor.

Close your eyes, breath in the wood scent. But beware, this black wood style only happens in the dead of night. If you are going to rumble with the night creatures, you better be properly shaved.

The Lethal Classic - Silvertip Badger Hair Brush:

The Lethal Classic silvertip badger brush is meant only for those who value luxury, refinement, and a little bit of danger. Classic in it's unassuming ability to fit in. Lethal in its ambition to be the best brush you've ever owned. 

Badgers are known for being fearless, clean, and generally awesome. They take on all comers, portrayed in games as a fierce fighter. In real life, they are no different. Trust us, we have the scars to prove it. 

Yes, in our search for the best hair for our brushes we checked and tested all kinds of animals and furs from random spots on their bodies. It was not as pleasant as you might imagine. Then after dealing with the various creatures we had to test lathering up and shaving. That wasn’t pretty.

Finally we found it though, the best hair possible. Silvertip badger hair. That isn’t a type of badger; it refers to a very small area (roughly 15%) of the badger’s body.The silvertip hair retains water and heat due to its superior insulation. This retention helps create the perfect lather, leading you to have the perfect shave. 

Badgers are as fierce as they are fearless. So are you. Do right to your face.

Lather up with luxury and danger with either of our silvertip badger brushes. The black handle is excellent for its form and function, long lasting and easily works with any setup. 

Keep it classy.

This is the perfect gift box. What are you waiting for? Get it now...